As we enter the final months of our congregation’s fiscal year and the calendar year, it is appropriate to provide an update on our church’s financial position.

The good news is that overall giving to First Baptist Church continues at a record level. Gifts to the Regenerate capital campaign continue to take place ahead of the schedule we expected based on pledges and normal trends in such campaigns. When combined with budget gifts, our congregation is experiencing a season of tremendous generosity and we should offer gratitude to God and to all who are giving generously.

As is often the case, however, gifts to the operating budget lagged during the summer months. But costs of ministry do not decrease during the summer, in fact some of our more significant costs are experienced during the summer.  It is very important as we enter the final months of the year that we each review our budget giving to this point in the year. If for any reason your giving fell behind during the summer, please prayerfully consider catching those gifts up as soon as is possible. If you have any questions regarding your giving, please contact Cheri Rose in the church office.