The schedule for our Deacon election process is as follows with all resident church members nominating up to 8 eligible members who meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years of age; have been members of First Baptist for 2 years by the time of balloting.
  • Are faithful in their stewardship in sharing of their time, talents and resources.
  • Are an active member who supports the church’s ministries and staff.
  • Reflect the teachings of Christ and hold each other in love and grace.

Dates to remember:

March 12 : Last day for members to notify the church office in writing requesting that your name only appear on the Ineligible List or for former Deacons, to appear on the Deacon Emeritus list.
March 26: Deacon Election process will begin.
April 9: Completed ballots must be submitted to the church office
April 10:  Deacon Counting Committee will tally the results

Opt-Out Status
If anyone does not want their name to be placed on the Eligible for Nomination list, please submit a WRITTEN REQUEST to the church office by March 12. Send your request by email to Cheri Rose,  by mail addressed to P.O. Box  8107, Athens, GA 30603, or drop off the written request to the church office.

Emeritus Status
Former deacons who wish to seek Emeritus Status, may submit a written request to the secretary of the deacons as stated in Church Policy for Deacon Emeritus Status. If you plan to request emeritus status in the near future and thus do not want your name to be placed on the upcoming election ballot, please submit this request to the church office in writing by March 12.