Based on our first Let’s Talk series, our FALL ADULT DISCIPLESHIP Let’s Talk — The Bible and Public Life series is designed to create space for personal reflection, honest searching, and open conversation in community about matters of faith and life. We will also seek to invite the larger community to join our conversations. Complete information can be found here. Groups have been formed.  If you did not sign up for a group but would like more information on how you can still participate, please contact Frank Granger.

The topic for the week of September 16 is “How is the Called to Bring Good News to Those Trapped in Poverty?”  Paul Baxley’s introduction to the topic can be viewed here.

This series will include:

  • Sunday Sermons that introduce the question for that week’s reflection and conversation.
  • Discussion groups at a variety of times.
  • A weekly public conversation for those who not ready to join a discussion group who want more opportunity to join the conversation.