We are in the process of converting to a new member database that will give us the ability to do many different things online when it is completely set up. The new program is called “Realm.” There is also a new phone and mobile app called “Realm Connect.” (This is replacing the other online app called “Church Life,” for those who use this.)

As part of this process members have been sent an email invitation to set up an account with a user name and password which will be used to sign into Realm on your computer and then sign on to the Realm Connect app on mobile devices. You will need to set up your Realm account on your computer first and then use the same password for the mobile app.

Each member will need to set up their account with their individual email as the system won’t allow shared emails. You will be prompted to give permission for your information (name, address, phone numbers) to be shown to other members of the congregation in the directory on Realm Connect. Only church staff and members will have visibility to this information.

When you follow the link provided in the Realm email, it will take you to a registration window. If there isn’t an option to register your account and set up your password, simply click “Forgot My Password” to get started. For security, your password will need an upper and lower case letter, number, symbol and no repeating sequences.

You will be able to access the member directory through the mobile app (tap more, then Groups, then First Baptist Church). Only the members who are presently signed up and have given permission for their information to be shared will be on this list. Eventually, all church groups will be represented and searchable on the app by members of that group.

Once you have set up your member account please contact Cheri Rose if you have questions.